Group Visits and Bus Tours at the Distillery

We love groups! Planning a bus tour, bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, corporate excursion…. stop by and visit the distillery. In addition to having spirits for tastings and purchase, we offer cocktails, have an amazing gift shop, pub menu and lawn games when the weather is nice!

Parking at the Distillery

Our parking lot is limited. We have about 40 spaces total.
If you are bringing a large group, please call ahead to plan your visit and carpool to save space!

Dog AND Kid Friendly

See what our priorities are there! :) We welcome all babies, fur or no. While kids are allowed indoors, dogs however are not. Doggies must stay outside and on a leash at all times (children leashed is optional 😉). Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and children!

Food & Beverage

We are now offering a limited food menu! It is available on Quizzo & Bingo nights as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Outside of our menu we have a great selection of concession-like items to aide in abating any hunger — popcorn, pretzels, cheese, meats, crackers and CHOCOLATE!

Due to the nature of our business and the desire to bring the best items to the area, we cannot allow outside alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.